Founded in 1999 and based in Lisbon, Associação Educativa para o Desenvolvimento da Criatividade (Creativity in Education Association) is  a non-profit body that is recognized as Public Utility Entity by Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

It is a national and international in-service training organisation for schools, centers for adult education, teachers and educators, certified by the State through the  Scientific and Pedagogical Council for Continuing Education (Ministry of Education), since 2000. 

Its primary domains of action are Educational Innovation, Interculturality, Creativity, Problem Solving, Outdoor Education and ICT based Education.

Creativity in Education Association disseminates and implements educational innovation, collaborates with state and private schools from all levels of education and  has project management experience in EU funded teacher training.

The organisation is independent and non-political or religious.

PIC = 931739515

Full legal name: Associação educativa para o Desenvolvimento da Criatividade

Address: Apartado 42077, 1601- 801 Lisboa, PORTUGAL

Tel.: +351 912970966


instituição sem fins lucrativos de utilidade pública